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Alcohol Rehab California

submitted by halden halden

Drug Rehab Center - Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs - Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers - SouthCoast Recovery offers effective and affordable alchoholism and drug rehab, as well as, specialized treatment programs at our Centers in California.

Dual Diagnosis Facilities

submitted by halden halden

Morningside Recovery is a nationally renowned facility for dual diagnosis treatment, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, and single or co-occurring mental illness and mental health treatment.

Smoke Assist

submitted by Blake Segura

Smoke in public, without the smoke! Smoke Assist is a healthier alternative to tobacco smoke

Who The Hell Is Jody Hill?

submitted by Mark Stolaroff

No-budget features are about launching careers, not sustaining them.

Wrong Subtitles?

submitted by Jacob Waxler

Interesting article about subtitles for the film, "Let The Right One In" being changed when the film was released on DVD

Hello Indieflavor

submitted by charles Pazos

'Hello' to whoever reads this.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you liked one of the shorts.
I have a blog at my site:


Quantum of Solace: The Life and Death of Film Franchises

submitted by Larry Eitel

All film franchises die at some point in time...

Genre Hacks

submitted by Sean Hood

Genre Hacks is a blog, written by Sean Hood and others, is about the perils of genre filmmaking (action, sci-fi, thrillers, and horror).

Ranchero wins at Indie Fest!

submitted by Brian Johnson

My 35mm feature "Ranchero" took top honors at the 2008 Indie Fest USA.

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