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Smoke Assist

submitted by Blake Segura

Smoke in public, without the smoke! Smoke Assist is a healthier alternative to tobacco smoke

<b>Smoke Assist</b> is the exiciting alternative to cigarettes. You can satisfy your fixation with a realistic tobacco flavor, look and feel. However, SmokeArrest doesn't contain the tar, nicotine, tobacco and other harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, but instead emits water vapor.<br />
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SmokeAssist is also less expensive than tabacco cigarettes, is a healthier alternative, and is legal to use in public areas. Compares with other electronic cigarrettes like Smoke Assassin, ePuffer, BluCigs and others.<br />
For complete details and disclaimers about SmokeAssist, visit the <a href="http://www.Offersquality.Com/rl.Php?Ct=ut1xc">Smoke Assist</a> website.